What is Chip Seal?

Chip Seal also known as tar and chip is commonly used throughout most of Oregon’s rural areas as a permanent pavement solution. It’s far more cost effective than paving, especially large areas such as shared lanes and roads. Chip Seal does wonders for gaining traction on hills, and will eradicate the dust issues you might face in the summer.

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Chip rock being distributed over crs2p chip oil. Project Wilcox Farms in Aurora, Oregon

We are one of the few companies in Oregon that can actually do Chip Seal. Having the right equipment and knowledge get the job done comes from years of experience and hard work.

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The Process of chip sealing:


Grade the existing base rock (unless its an overlay) removing peaks and valleys throughout the driving surface. Chip Seal, like asphalt, is only as good as the base it is sitting on.

Oil Application:

Chip Oil (crs2p or crs3p) must be evenly distributed at the correct temperature through a specially designed spray unit. This process is done both by truck as well as a spray wand.

Chip Distribution:

Chip Rock must quickly be distributed over the freshly sprayed chip oil.

Chip seal project completed Molalla, Oregon

Example of projects Chip Seal can be used for:

  • Walking paths
  • Hiking paths
  • Driveways
  • Farm Roads
  • Shared Lanes
  • Dust control
  • Mud control
  • Aesthetics
  • Traction
  • Pothole prevention
Colton, Oregon chip seal project.

Some commonly asked questions about Chip Seal:

Q) When can Chip Seal be done?
A) Chip Seal can only be done in the warm weather. Living in the Pacific Northwest, (Newberg, Oregon in my case) we must make sure the weather will cooperate.
Q) Can we Chip Seal over gravel?
A) The answer is yes we grade out the gravel just like if we were going to pave it and then can Chip Seal directly on top of the freshly graded gravel.
Q) What is the Chip Seal surface going to look like?
A) Most people leave the loose stone on top of the project; however, some people choose to sweep it off. Either way, it is going to look like nice gravel on the surface.
Q) How much does Chip Seal cost?
A) In some cases it may be less than half the price of asphalt.
Q) Where can I see Chip Seal.
A) Most of the rural roads around Molalla, Estacada, South Canby, Yoder, and Silverton are chip seal. Some Portland and Salem roads are even Chip Seal.
Q) What kind of maintenance needs to be done on Chip Seal Projects?
A) Zero Maintenance is needed! Unlike asphalt, you do NOT need to seal coat Chip Seal.

Chip seal on a hill in Albany / Turner Oregon